How To Sell Jordan Sneakers

how to sell jordans online

How to make money by Selling Jordans

Well, we all have heard of sneakers, but do we really know how beneficial they are? Sneakers are world class fashion objects that many people get the intense obsession. Due to this, you will find some people keeping a stock of them.

Are you aware of how costly sneakers are? Or did you know that you can make a lot of money through buying and selling them?

Well, if you are not aware of that, then try checking out on the most expensive list on StockX, which is an industry site for tracking sneaker. The following list shows the five best investments in the sneaker industry in the recent years;

Sneaker type Retail price vs Resale price Release date

  • Air Yeezy 2- red October $250
    • Sold for $5,945 2/9/14
  • Nike dunk SB- Low NYC Pigeon $200
    • Sold for $5,800 3/1/05
  • Air Yeezy 2- solar red $250
    • Sold for $4,969 6/9/12
  • Jordan 2 – Retro Eminem $110
    • Sold for $4,338 12/18/08
  • Air Yeezy 2 – Pure Platinum $250
    • Sold for $3,839 6/9/12

Well, this clearly indicates that there are people out there who take advantage of present opportunities to make money. They buy and sell sneakers to make money. Details from the founder of StockX, Mark Wahlberg’s will surely help us get a better insight into this kind of business. This will help us know how to sell and make profits from sneakers. The following is what you have to know as a smart sneaker person

1. Know that sneakers are a huge business

The first thing you have to understand is that sneakers are all over and that we live in a world of sneakers. Almost everybody in the current generation has an unwavering obsession towards sneakers. What you have to also understand that the sneaker business is far much different from the oil business where prices are intrinsic and anonymous. Sneakers are a way of life, they are what people use to express themselves. It’s not possible for many people to buy expensive cars, but for sure majority of them will buy a pair or two of sneakers. Sneakers come in different models and designs and actually, each of them feels it’s one of a kind. Understanding these will help you know your market well.

2. Know that sneakers are not just an investment

If you want to make good sales of you stock of sneakers, you have to understand that they are not just an investment, rather an opportunity to explore the market. This is because there are many reseller sites like eBay who make massive profits for making resells. Don’t just be out for money because that is not what sneakers are for. Something that you have to be well aware of is that some shoes increase in value after purchase, a big number of them actually do not, and they either reduce or remain constant.

3. Try to buy shoes for their actual retail price

The most important factor that you should consider when acquiring sneakers for reselling is the retail price. You have to keep in mind that there might be some hidden costs besides the actual shoe price, and this will automatically eat away your profits. These costs include taxes, PayPal fees, shipping fees just but a few to mention. To avoid incurring these costs, it is advisable to acquire sneakers from your favourite stores so as to get the shoes at the closest price to the retail price. Always buy from boutiques because they are much cheaper compared to auction sites.

4. Buy Nikes

When buying sneakers for reselling, consider the brand. There are so many brands in the market, Nike included. According to statistics, it is evident that Nike sneakers especially Jordan sneakers sell more than any other sneakers in the market. This means that many people prefer Jordan sneakers to any other.

5. Don’t wear the shoes

The sneakers are meant for selling, not for you to try them on. Therefore ensure that you do not take your new purchase out of the box. If you wear it, there is no doubt that the shoe will lose its deadstock and value.

But if you insist on wearing them, then you should consider selling them in the secondary market. This is where people buy shoes that are slightly worn out. But this should always never be your target market because the shoe loses value and you will actually not make much profit.

6. Buy your sneakers at one of the best stores

If you want to make the majority of sales. Then where you acquire your shoes matters most. This is because people would always like to be associated with the best.

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