How to Customize Jordan Shoes

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How to Modify Your Jordan Sneakers

In the sneakers fashion industry, style is everything. Many fresh ideas and concepts are all over the place on how best to customize your Jordan shoes. Everyone is allowed to create a pair of custom Jordan’s at no cost, and with minimum tools in your living room.
There is simply no limit to how far you can go designing your shoes. The excitement that comes with experimenting with your brushes and paints is overwhelming, and since it’s all free, you can customize as many pairs as you wish. You will only part with money if you approach companies like Nike to build the sneakers according to your specifications. But why abandon the thrill of customizing your own Jordan’s the way you want?


Here are six stages to customize your own Jordan’s online


  1. If you live in the US, you can access the Nike website at After selecting your language and country, click on the Jumpman logo and get access to a page with Michael Jordan items such as clothing, gear, accessories and of course, Air Jordan Shoes.
  2. Click on custom button and Customize with NIKEiD. If you’re using Android phones, you will need to tap the + sign and the Customize with NIKEiD to access the page.
    Click the name Jordan in collections.
  3. This will grant you access to a list of Jordan shoes. Browse the many designs and select what suits your fancy, including Jordan 5, Jordan Alpha, Jordan 11, Jordan CP3 and Jordan Spizike.
  4. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for because you get the chance to put your design on the shoe. Click on the choice you made. Go to the color panel on the left. Select your preferred color pattern, and taking your time, consider what’s best for straps, base, accent, eyelets, laces, lining, midsole topline, midsole, and outsole.
  5. Take note that most Jordan shoes come with a personal id, but not every design has an option to place a heel id. But you can place personal id and a heel id on the Spizike layout.


A Step-By-Step Guide to Customize Jordan Shoes Offline

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Get Materials

Buy the right materials to do a proper customization job. If the shoes are made of leather, make a point to compile:

  • Angelus paint‚
  • Rubber gloves‚
  • Acetone‚
  • Cotton balls‚
  • Glass (not made of plastic)‚
  • Paint brushes (medium and liner)‚
  • Masking tape‚
  • X-Acto knife‚
  • Matter finisher‚
  • Hair dryer (optional)


Get Prepared

After donning your gloves, soak your cotton balls with acetone. Rub the coating off the leather and patiently scrape it off. If the rubbing leaves an unsightly paste residue, that’s normal. More soaked cotton will gradually eliminate the paste. Once the paint is off, the leather turns gray. This process will take about 40 minutes.

Masking with Tape

Once the coating is off, use masking tape to carefully cover all those areas that you don’t want to get paint on. Use an X-to knife and cut along the edges to get clean lines.

Mix the Colours

Mix the colors in the glass and stir vigorously with the brush. And since this is your experimentation, much of it trial and error, you can mix as many diverse colors as you like. Expect to get better and more refined with time.

Paint Your Shoes with Brush

As you start to paint your shoes, apply light, thin layers. This will enable you to avoid streaks. Apply more paint to achieve an even finish. Ensure the layer dries off first before applying the next coat. Use the hair dryer in cold weather to speed up the process.Expect to make mistakes due to paint spill overs, especially if you’re not adept at using small brushes. This is normal in any paint job.

Take Care of Details

Use the small liner brush in your tools arsenal to clean up the edges, and the small details along the shoe. Take your time. You don’t want to get impatient and make blunders after all the patient preparation. Here is a detailed guide on how to clean your jordans.


The Angelus paint is made to withstand the elements. After the painting and once the shoe is dry, you’ll need to seal them and do the custom. Using the dryer, dry off the remaining paint. When the shoe is completely dry apply finisher. Use Krylon Matte, which is readily available at Arts and Craft stores. As you spray, avoid getting close to the fumes. Spray liberally and let the shoe dry. If you’d rather use a different finisher, there are many varieties to choose from. Once the custom is finished, apply the laces and you’re good to go.

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